Transporting Your Bike

Tips on bike transportation:

Transporting your bike seems to be very difficult, a task that requires both effort and hard work. Well, it becomes pretty easy, once you read the following tips:Bike transportation rack 300x199 Transporting Your Bike

  • First, you have to keep in mind:
  1. Your car’s type.
  2. The type of bike/bikes that you ride.
  3. How many bikes you will transfer at a time.
  4. Your budget.
  5. Your needs.
  6. The space that your car has.
  7. Approximately, how many times you will use your rack (per week).

These thoughts will help you (and the employee at the shop to choose the right rack).

  • There are 2 different types of racks:
  1. Roof-Mounted: it is used to mount your bikes on your car’s roof. It helps the driver to have better visibility but it adds height to the car (be careful when passing under bridges). Roof-Mounted racks come in two different models: a) Fork-mounted racks b) Frame-mounted racks.
  2. Rear-Mounted: it is used to mount your bike at the back of your car. This kind of rack will make your life easier because the wind resistance is low, and the storing/removal of your bike is a piece of cake. Rear-mounted racks come with 4 different models:

a)     Hitch racks (linked to a receiver on your car, do not make any contact with your car) are providing you with stability. Perfect for most cars, trucks and SUVs.

b)     Trunk racks (mounted into the trunk) are an affordable choice for those who own 2-3 bikes.

c)     Truck bed racks are designed to provide the truck drivers with stability. It is an excellent and cheap choice as they can easily been removed and placed up car rack 300x247 Transporting Your Bike

d)     Spare tire-mounted racks are designed for those who have mounted a spare tire to their car.

  • When buying your rack, consult the staff about your choices.
  • When transporting your bike:
  1. Be careful when driving and do not make any contact with any items (this may damage your bike, car or rack)
  2. Do not forget to secure everything.
  3. Do not mount any other items along with your bike (your water bottles, cycle computers, seatbacks and pumps are preferable to be stored with you in the car).

For the bikers who want to explore and make their riding an adventurous one, these racks are a great opportunity to help you with that. Well, load up your bikes and the adventure begins!