Choosing The Right Bike

How to find the right bike for you:

Whatever the reason is that you choose to cycle (good for you!), the first thing that you have to think about is getting the right bike for your needs. However, buying the right bike can be very difficult. When I went to buy my first bike (a classic now), I remember being very confused. There are many different choices for all kinds of tastes. When buying a bike, what are the mostmountain bike1 300x225 Choosing The Right Bike important steps that one should follow in order to make the right choice? Well here are some tips that helped me buy the right bike for me and hopefully will help you as well:

• First, you have to ask yourself: where am I going to ride my bike and how often? What concerns me the most, comfort or the looks of my bike? I seek leisurely rides or competitive races? From your answers you will understand what type of bike you should buy. There are a lot of different types of bikes but here are the most popular:
a) Touring bikes and Road bikes are designed for riding on paved streets. They are aerodynamic, lightweight, and fast. They are used for those who want to travel long distances at high speed and they provide an intense workout. They also do well for the knees.
b) Mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding on hills, over rocks and logs but they are also used on-road too. They hold up well, but they are not as fast as road bikes. The position that you use in order to ride this bike makes people with back problem very happy, because it helps give them relief from pain.
c) Hybrid bikes are a compromise between the road bikes and the mountain bikes. They are faster and lighter than mountain bikes and you use less effort. They are a good choice for city riding as they provide the riders with speed, durability, and comfort.
d) Trail bikes are used for trail and on-road riding. They are a good choice for casual riders (college students, commuters, and recreational rides). They are similar to mountain bikes but are heavier, less rugged, and less expensive than them.
e) Comfort bikes are similar to mountain and trail bikes but are designed for a smooth ride and they are more comfortable. The position that you use to ride this kind of bike helps people with lower back problems.Depositphotos 5228013 m 300x199 Choosing The Right Bike

Take your pick people!

• Make sure to visit a bike shop and talk to the employees there about your bicycle needs. Taking a test drive around the block is highly recommended.

• After deciding the appropriate type of bike, you have to choose the right size for your bike. The employees at the bike shop can help you with that.

• Do not be cheap. Think of your bike as an investment that will last for years. Used bikes or bikes from Target stores or Walmart are not usually a good choice. Cheap bikes provide you with cheap parts that won’t last. Remember, you get what you pay for!

• Finally, when you narrow down your list of bikes that you considered buying, you should do a search online for “your bike name + reviews”. That will give you a lot of information about the bike that you considered buying and it will definitely help you make the right choice.

I know that all of this can be very overwhelming but please, don’t go out and buy the first bike you see. Do your research and you will be rewarded with the right bike for you. It’s really worth it people!