Bike Seats

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Bike Seat:

Is your saddle (the seat of your bike) uncomfortable? Then it’s the right time to make some changes people! Getting a good bike seat can dramatically improve your riding experience. Choosing the right saddle and making a good purchase is easy, once you read the following tips that can make your purchase a piece of cake!

bike saddle 300x199 Bike Seats• Before going to the shop and buying a brand new saddle there are some capabilities that you should check out first, otherwise your new saddle won’t make any difference:

a) Is your saddle at the right height? Sometimes our saddle can be too high or too low and that causes inconvenience.

b) The angle of your bike seat may need some adjustments. It can easily be adjusted through the seat clamp (which is right under your seat). Loosen the screw and adjust your seat to the most comfortable position for you (forward or back). For flat saddles try a slight forward tilt. Find the angle that makes you feel cozier. While riding your bike you can try some tips in order to relieve the pressure from your body. Here are some tips that helped me:

1. Stand up on your pedals every 20 minutes, or when you feel your legs being stressed.
2. If it’s affordable for you, you can buy a full-suspension bike (I highly recommend this for those who go biking on the mountains), or a suspension seat post.bicycle seat 300x199 Bike Seats
3. You can always use gel (for recreational riders), foam (recommended for road riders), and saddle pads (can be a choice for touring bikers) can relief your body from pressure.
4. You can always switch to a recumbent bike.
5. If you suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure, or if you are a smoker or have obesity problems, these conditions can maximize your feeling of discomfort (for those who are riding in order to get over these situations congratulations!) You have to always keep in mind that if any problem continues seeing your doctor is a must, bicycle lovers!

• Have you tried all the above and the inconvenience is still there? Well, now we are sure that we can make the next step and go to the shop to buy a new saddle. But what saddle should you buy? Now you are ready to find out what’s the best choice for you according to your type of bike you have:
a) For those who own a cruiser, a commuter or an urban bike should try a cushioning saddle.
b) Mountain bikers can try a mountain-specific with pads for the bones saddle.
c) For touring bikers I recommend a performance saddle or a leather saddle.
d) Women are anatomically different from men, so they should prefer the women-specifically saddles, which are designed to relieve some pressure.

• Once at the store, besides talking to the staff, a test ride is once again a must (don’t be afraid to ask for it).

• Prefer your rails to be made of titanium, as they provide you with a smooth ride(don’t be cheap, your convenience is more important).

Take your pick and don’t be cheap, your butt will thank you for this!