Bike Helmets

How to choose the perfect bike helmet for you:

Would you drive your car without fastening your seat belt? Or would you drive your motorcycle without wearing your helmet? Then, why go biking without your bike helmet? Safety always comes first people! Here are some very helpful tips of how to choose the appropriate helmet for you.

  • We have 3 different types of helmets:bike helmet 199x300 Bike Helmets
  1. Multi-use (sport) helmets: are used by recreational and commuter bikers. they also are an economic choice for road and mountain bikers.
  2. Road bike helmets: are lightweight, aerodynamic and have excellent aeration. They are the perfect helmets for road bikers.
  3. Mountain bike helmets: have great aeration at low speeds and protect your head under rough situations. High choice for mountain bikers.


  • Finding the right type of helmet it’s just the beginning. Now, bikers, it is important to find a helmet that fits your head perfectly. In order to find that helmet, and make your purchase a smart one, you have to measure your head. To do that you can use a measuring tape (if you don’t have one, you can always use a cloth and then measure the cloth with a ruler.) According to the size of your head you will buy the appropriate helmet. Here are the sizes:
  1. Small (S): 51cm-55cm/20″-21.75″
  2. Medium (M): 55cm-59cm/21.75″-23.25″
  3. Large (L): 59cm-63cm/23.25″-24.75″
  4. Extra-small (ES): 51cm/20’’ and below
  5. Extra-large (XL) : 63 cm/24.75’’ and above
  6. Kids helmets: one size (46cm-57cm/18’’-22.5’’)
  7. Multi-use helmets: adjustable size
  • When wearing your helmets don’t forget, bike lovers, to adjust it on your head. There is no need for it to be very tight. It has to cover your forehead (but not your eyes, you have to be able to see obviously).BikeHelmetSafety Bike Helmets
  • It is also important to know that any helmet that has fallen off your hands has more possibilities NOT to be protective enough. In those situations, I recommend that you replace your helmet and be careful. Generally, a helmet should be replaced every 4-5 years.
  • While cleaning your helmet don’t use chemicals but soap and water on a cloth.
  • Store your helmet away from heat.
  • Loaning your helmet to others can be inappropriate.

Wearing a helmet during biking can be a matter of life and death. Choose wisely and have fun!