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Hello, incredible cool bike people! I am James, and I am an incredible cool bike person myself. I have been riding bicycles for as long as I can remember and I am pretty old now. I followed my passion and I was lucky enough to make a career out of what I love the most, cycling! I decided to start this website to share with the word what I learned all those years whileDepositphotos 9259155 m 199x300 Welcome to the world of Bicycle Tips! traveling the world and taking part in some of the most competitive competitions. I am a bicycle lover in general, so I didn’t limit myself just to 1 type of riding. Friends sometimes call me the “bikepidia” and I really feel like I have to write all of the bicycle tips that I know somewhere or my head will explode.

Wheels are considered to be one of the most important inventions of humankind and bicycles are perhaps the paramount of outcomes that people could avail from the blessings of wheels. Some may even refer bikes to be the pioneers of all major inventions in the era of development of vehicles. Known to people by different names (bikes, cycles or pedal bikes) in a world full of luxurious and exotic sport cars, bike racing still stands as one of the most exhilarating sports, relished by many.
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The major bike types have been classified into different categories.

Purpose in which one opts to use the bike in:

· Road Riders: Key features of this category are agility and responsiveness.

· Mountain Conquerors: Resilience and comfort are the trademarks of this group. The bikes that constitute this group are 29ers, 27.5 bikes, and Downhill bikes.

· Hybrid rodeos: As the name suggests, it is the fusion of the above two categories. These can ride the road as well as climb mountains. The vital ones belonging to this category are city bikes and the comfort bikes.

The other major category has to do with the impetus of the bike:

· Gears: With mechanical enhancements, gears have been incorporated in bikes, which resulted in the fabrication of masterpieces such as derailleurs, and chainless bikes driven by shaft or a belt mechanism

· Non-Gear: This includes some stunning features such as electric motor driven bikes and bikes that can suit themselves in both land and water.

You can also categorize a bike by the type of activity that you use it for.

Biking is an all around activity and there are different activities that one can get involved in order to harness one’s endurance and fitness.

These include:Depositphotos 4754841 s 300x201 Welcome to the world of Bicycle Tips!

· Bike Racing: Some of the best road bikes available today can be found at Competitive Cyclist.

· Touring and traveling: You can find some of the most comfortable bikes on the market at REI for a pain free trip!

· Mountain Biking: Some of the most popular mountain bikes can be found at JensonUSA.

There are also of course BMX bikes, which are designed for stunt lovers, clown bikes, art bikes, and chopper bikes.

I said it a million times people and I will say it a million more, the world is just a happier place when you are on a bike!

Browse through my site and I am pretty sure that you will learn some tips that will make your bicycle riding experience more pleasurable and safer!